6502 Single Board Computer (SBC) Design


Eagle CAD: v1.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.0 PCB Layout


Printed Circuit Board


This initial design uses 32KB for ROM and 32KB for RAM at locations $0000 and $8000, respectively.


The 20x2 LCD is driven by a VIA (versatile interface adaptor) with 256B for data starting at $7FF0.


A Fuzzy Noodle ATMEGA2560 microcontroller board is attached to the PCB (printed circuit board) to monitor the 6502 SBC (single board computer). Programming the monitor board is via its own USB-C connector.


Power to the SBC is via a 5v miniUSB connector.


Communication with the 6502 SBC is via terminal software and the W65C51N ACIA UART.




Modern CMOS Parts Used:

 - CPU: W65C02S

 - VIA: W65C22

 - UART: W65C51N

 - ROM: SST39SF040

 - RAM: AS6C4008


 - LCD: 2004A

 - MONITOR: FN ATMega2560


Updated 2022-09-20