Getting Started with 6502


I've decided to learn about the historically famous MOS 6502 chip to build my own computer.

These are notes made during my learning, designing and testing phases. I'm hoping they'll help you, too.


A Path to Learning 6502
 - Get a reliable flash drive and install EVERYTHING on it; mine is labeled  drive "J:"
 - Download "DASM assembler" for the 6502: https://dasm-assembler.github.io/ and install it on "J" in a folder/directory named "dasm"
 - Search for the file location of "Command Prompt" and copy its link to your J: drive
 - Startup your Command Prompt link which should take you to your home directory - "C:\Users\prefo" for me
 - Create a text file named "J.bat" and drop it in your home directory. The contents of the file are:
cd \dasm


 - confirm its contents by typing:

type J.bat

 - Now you can type "J.bat" or "J" to change to your J drive and the dasm folder (J:\DASM).
 - Within J:\dasm, create a text file named "dasmJ.bat". (Here is a copy saved as "dasmJ.txt" because Windows won't permit ".bat" files to be downloaded.

It must renamed to "dasmJ.bat" in order to run.)  The contents of the file are:
cd \dasm
.\dasm.exe   %1.asm   -f3   -v0   -o%1.bin
dir *.bin

:: is the same as REM for comments.
:: -f: output format
:: -v: 0 = no verbosity unless errors
:: -o: output file name, no space between o and filename

 - Copy my "VIA.asm" file to your "J:\dasm" folder
 - Execute "dasmJ.bat" by typing:
dasmJ   VIA

 - This will cause "dasm.exe" to run and assemble "VIA.asm" into "VIA.bin" which you can then examine with a hex editor like HxD
 - Install a hex editor (HxD20) into J:\HxD from site https://mh-nexus.de/downloads/HxDSetup.zip

This is a good start!


Here are some valuable resources:
 - Bookmark http://www.6502.org
 - Watch Ben Eater's eleven Youtube video set: Build a 65c02-based computer from scratch

 - WDC 65xx integrated circuits website

 - 20x4 LCD display panel document


Other Learning Info and References:

 - David Murray's six Youtube video set: Commander X16

 - Life With David Youtube video watch order list

 - Kindle Book: Programming the 65816: Including the 6502, etc.

 - WDC Single Board Computer development board: W65C265SXB SBC

 - Grant Searle design: 6502 SBC with only 7 chips

 - List of Assemblers and IDEs (integrated development environments)

 - Wikipedia.org info on MOS 6502 and WDC 65C02S

 - Udemy training course: Learn Assembly Language by Making Games for the Atari 2600





Updated 2022-09-20