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Video introduction to MPLAB X IDE.

Note that the device used is a PIC and not an AVR or SAM.

You may not be able to participate in the demos but you can still familiarize yourself with the button functions.

Download MPLAB X IDE and Documentation

You'll need to install the integrated development environment (IDE) before you start any of the exercises for the course listed above.

MPLAB X Installation Instructions

You will also need to download and install both the XC8 and XC16 Compilers; the MPLAB X IDE installation will only tell you to install the SC16 compiler. Here, you can find both:

C in an Embedded Environment

The training module assumes some exposure to C but not a lot.

I would recommend you refresh your C knowledge with this module prior to doing anything else.

Download Exercise Files


Lab Exercise 1 will have you download the needed Exercise Files and recommends dropping them into a new folder, C:\MTT.

Installation Walkthrough

This guide can be confusing when it comes to installing the lab exercise files.

Ultimately you want the Lab01 folder under C:\MTT

Reboot your PC.

The next time you start up the app and open the first project, Lab01.X, you may be prompted to update the content: accept it.


Syntax and Structure of C


ATMega328P Register Bit Manipulation




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