Single Board Computer: ATmega328P  uC

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Eagle CAD: Microcontroller Schematic 1


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ATMega Resources Allocated



(Bill of Materials, modules are not included)


This computer has a number of circuits utilizing all of the ATMega328P microcontroller's 14 digital and 6 analog/digital input/output pins.

Other I2C-based devices could be added via the two 4-pin JST connectors, or if a "basement" board was affixed to the underside of this single board computer.


Weather Station

There are several resources installed on the SBC to function as a type of weather station that can provide:

 - temperature

 - humidity

 - barometric pressure

 - humidex values

 - current reading display

 - data logging


Microcontroller Resources

Microchip ATMega328PU 5v microcontroller:

 - 32KB Flash for program storage, 2KB dynamic SRAM for global variables and 1KB EEPROM for config storage

 - I2C byte-oriented serial interface

 - SPI serial port

 - 6-channel 10-bit A/D converter

 - programmable watchdog timer

 - 3 timer/counters

 - 1.8v to 5.5v operation


SBC Features:

 - USB programming and power: Arduino IDE should be configured for UNO

 - "Wall-wort" 7v to 12v DC power (standard 2.1mm inner diameter, 5.45mm outer diameter male plug)

 - DS1307 Real Time Clock with battery backup

 - 20-pin expansion connector

 - separate FTDI programming connector (optional)

 - RX and TX LEDs that flash during programming

 - Classic D13 LED commonly used with Blink.ino sketch

 - standard SPI interface

 - multiple I2C interfaces


Devices/Modules Included:

 - USB programming and power

 - 128 x 64 OLED monochrome display

 - SD card module for data logging

 - Adafruit BME280 Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure module

 - 5 tactile switches for menu configuration or program operation

 - 3-colour RGB LED

 - Motion sensing Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor, could be used to sense movement to enable the OLED display

 - Light Decreasing Resistance (LDR) sensor

 - Buzzer for playing tones, etc.

 - Quad 7-segment LEDs for bigger display of temperature, etc.


Where is a picture of the SBC itself?

The CAM files based on the 4 adjacent schematics are being sent to China for production. I will update this site once they return and are populated & tested.




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