ATtiny3217  Microcontroller

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 - ATtiny3217 Pinout

 - ATtiny3217 Datasheet

 - megaTinyCore board files for Arduino

 - ATtiny uC Comparison Chart

 - Programming the new ATtiny using UPDI (unified programming & debugging interface)


Comparing the Arduino UNO ATMega328 to the ATtiny3217:

In a nutshell, more power in a smaller size and still 5v compatible.


ATtiny3217 Specs

 - 20MHz (no crystal needed), 5v

 - 32KB Flash, 2KB SRAM, 256B EEPROM

 - 22 GPIO pins

 - USART (RX-D0, TX-D1)

 - I2C Master/Slave

 - SPI Master/Slave

 - 8-bit/12-bit/16-bit/R timers: 0/1/2/R

 - PWM, 12 ADC channels

 - Core: AVRXMega3

 - Programming & debugging: UPDI not AVR

 - Chip format: VQFN-24, QFN-24


ATMega328P Specs

 - 16MHz (crystal required), 5v

 - 32KB Flash, 2KB SRAM, 1KB EEPROM

 - 23 GPIO pins

 - USART (RX-D0, TX-D1)

 - I2C Master/Slave

 - SPI Master/Slave

 - 8-bit/12-bit/16-bit timers: 2/0/1

 - PWM, 6  10-bit ADC channels (8 channels in SMT packages)

 - Core: megaAVR

 - Programming & debugging: megaAVR

 - Chip format: DIP-28 narrow, 32-pin TQFP, 28/32-pin QFN/MLF




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