2010 Honda VFR1200FD DCT

This was Honda's strange blending of a sport bike with a cruiser: bars and pegs are situated like a sportbike but it has an automatic transmission and driveshaft.

This bike was designed to go for long cruises but the sportbike ergos meant you had enough after one hour. Too bad because it's a great looking bike.

- 1237cc V4

- 21,700km
- HP: 172 @ 10000rpm,  Torque: 129Nm (95 ft.-lb.) - very powerful!
- 6-speed automatic with two modes and manual mode
- dual clutch automatic transmission. Easy to drive: put it in D and drive automatically, or use the paddles to enhance the automatic mode, or put it in Manual for pure sport mode

- Honda lockable panniers in excellent condition

- Helibars were removed so it could pass a Safety Check (kept banging into the windshield

- custom smoke windshield (the original windshield is included)
- Corbin Smuggler seat with lockable console (the original seat is included)

User's Manual


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