Single-Step / Multi-Step Variable Speed CPU Clock Module


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PCB v1.0: Top


PCB v1.0: Bottom

PCB is out for manufacture.



Eagle CAD: v1.0 Schematic


Eagle CAD: v1.0 Board Layout



Eagle CAD: BoM (Bill of Materials)



This PCB is based on Ben Eater's CPU Clock module breadboard design.



 - Modes are selected via a slide switch

 - In Monostable mode, each press of the tactile switch will cause a square wave pulse

 - In Astable mode, the clock runs freely according to how little resistance is selected with the trimpot

 - Halt input allows CPU to halt the clock output to the CPU

 - Test points are available at: Astable, Monostable, Bistable Select, CPU Clock and Halt

 - LEDs at each output test point


Power Input:

 - Power is from a diode-protected 5v 2-wire connector or miniUSB


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