ItsyBitsy M4 Express Projects 24 & 25:

9 DoF IMU or Accelerometer


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 9 DoF IMU v1.0 Schematic


 9 DoF IMU v1.0 PCB Layout


 9 DoF IMU v1.0 PCB (Top)


 9 DoF IMU v1.0 PCB (Bottom)


 9 DoF IMU v1.0 Bill of Materials



Accelerometer v1.0 Schematic


Accelerometer v1.0 PCB Layout


 Accelerometer v1.0 PCB (Top)


 Accelerometer v1.0 PCB (Bottom)


Accelerometer v1.0 Bill of Materials



Projects 24 & 25 continue on from Project 23 using these devices:

 - Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express #3800 (a.k.a. IB-M4E) (more I/O pins than QT PY)

 - Adafruit #4311 2.0" TFT display

 - Adafruit #2652 BME280 T/H/BP sensor

 - Adafruit #2124 LiPoly charger

 - Joystick JS5208 and Adafruit #4697 rubber nub cap

 - Adafruit #4667 PIR BL412


For each project a sensor board was added as shown below:

Project 24: Adafruit #4754 9 Degrees of Freedom Orientation IMU

Project 25: Adafruit #2809 LIS3DH Accelerometer



Make sure you install the appropriate libraries before testing the code below. You'll need to click on these #4754 and #2809 links for instructions.


Test your 9 DoF with 9DoF-IMU_rotation_vector.ino


Test your Accelerometer with acceldemo_IBM4E.ino




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