Clicking the top Z80 link will take you through the theory, circuits, breadboarding,

programming and testing of various circuits used to build your own Z80 computer.


Build Your Own 64KB SBC Z80

(Single Board Computer)
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M62 Z80 System
Build your own: 64KB M62-bus SBC Z80

Introductory and recommended

ZB64PC Z80 System
Build your own:  64KB+ ZB64PC-bus  SBC Z80

Uses the IBM PC 8-bit 62-pin bus connector

ZB64EC Z80 System
Build your own:  64KB+ ZB64EC-bus  MBC Z80

(Multi-board computer)
Utilizes the EuroCard 64-pin bus connector


Clicking the M62, ZB64PC, or ZB64EC links will take you to their Z80 system menus.


Each board in each Z80 system contains the circuits chosen for printed circuit board fabrication.

These can be especially helpful in choosing the smallest PCB footprint and layout for your design.

Note: minimum screen size 1440x900

Updated 2019-12-03

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