Aduino (Large Box) M4 2.4" LCD MBC

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Sketch: M4_FeatherExpress_4Box_MBC__04b.ino


This weather station is similar to the 1.3" OLED model except:

- It uses a 2.4" LCD/TFT/SD display

- It is composed of 2 boards: a lower board where the majority of the peripherals reside and an upper board for the large 2.4" LCD display


In the adjacent video (click on the .gif file for a much larger image), movement causes the blue LED to light followed by the LCD display. After about 8s, the LCD stops displaying and the blue LED extinguishes. Cumulatively after about 12 seconds, the green LED illuminates as the stats start to be written to the microSD card and then the red LED lights when the write is finished. You can hear the piezo-electric buzzer chirp a short tune as the microSD card file is updated. The blue LED and LCD panel remain off until there is movement once again. The stats will continue to be written to "disk" every interval regardless. Normally the interval is set to 60s but it was lowered to 12s for demonstration purposes.


Upper Board Schematic 1 



Upper Board Schematic 2                         


Lower Board Schematic 1    



Lower Board Schematic 2




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