RP2040 Information

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Click images to enlarge Raspberry Pi (RPi) Pico Website

Intro URL by RPi (RaspberryPi.org)

Getting Started Documentation URL by RPi

 RPi RP2040 Chip Datasheet .pdf by RPi. (RP2040 chip, not the Pico board)
RP2040 Chip Pinouts

Editors for Python, etc.

Thonny IDE (MicroPython by RPi), 

Mu IDE (CircuitPython by Adafruit),

  Programmer's Notepad (any programming language)

CircuitPython Download for RPi Pico URL by CircuitPython.org
Latest Libraries for CircuitPython URL by CircuitPython.org
Getting Started: RPi Pico & CircuitPython URL by Adafruit.com
Welcome to CircuitPython URL by Adafruit.com
CircuitPython Essentials URL by Adafruit.com
Enumerate Your Microcontroller Pin Names URL by Adafruit.com
Pico Board Pinouts

RPi Pico Videos 1mP2mP, 3mP, 1cP, 1a, 2cP, 6x
CircuitPython Essentials Example Code Adafruit Github URL
CircuitPython Cheatsheet Adafruit Github URL
CircuitPython Projects URL by Adafruit.com
Udemy Training: Pico & MicroPython URL by udemy.com
Pico C/C++ SDK: Libraries .pdf by RPi
Pico C/C++ SDK:  Documentation URL by RPi Github
Pico C/C++ SDK: Examples URL by RPi Github
Pico C/C++ SDK: Video & Setup Video URL by Digikey.ca
Hardware Design with RP2040 Chip .pdf by RPi
RP2040 Programmable I/O (PIO)

Dronebot Workshop: Pico Intro

Youtube: Pico PIO

Life With David: Pico PIO Videos

Youtube: PIO Deep Dive

Github: PIO Examples

Raspberry PI Org: What is PIO?

DigiKey.ca: C/C++ on PIO

DigiKey.ca: MicroPython on PIO

Adafruit's Intro to PIO

PIO and the Blink Program

Board Design File

RP2040 News

Using DMA on the RP2040 Chip

Tom's Hardware:

Best RP2040 Boards 2022

Arduino IDE for the RP2040
  Pi RP2040: Microcontroller for the Masses
In-depth: Raspberry Pi Pico's PIO (programmable I/O)
Book: Programming the Pico in C
RP2040 uC Boards Tom's Hardware: Best RP2040 Boards for 2021
Adafruit QT Py RP2040 Board releases
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect version of the Pico
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