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Real Time Clock (RTC) board for the

M62-bus Nano SIF

PCB Circuit (click to enlarge) SIF RTC Circuit and Info

Eagle CAD: 1. Adafruit DS1307 RTC Schematic



Eagle CAD: 2. Adafruit DS1307 RTC Board



Adafruit DS1307 RTC Breakout Board




(Bill of Materials)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell production boards. If you would like to buy an M62 Z80 system board/parts kit, contact Peter Murray,

I simply provide you with information to build your own breadboard computer.


Giving credit where it's due

The Nano Serial Interface (SIF) board was designed by Peter Murray to allow the Z80 to communicate on its 8-bit parallel data bus through a 5v Arduino Nano to your I2C and SPI devices like RTC, SD, weather sensor, etc.


Termination Resistors:

I have provided optional 4.7K pullup resistors for I2C at location A3 of the Nano SIF schematic. If you prefer to use the 2.2K resistors onboard the DS1307 breakout board, do not use JP3's pullups.


What do I need to program the Arduino Nano 5v for the RTC?

Arduino code: Nano-Z80-SIF-RTC_Test.ino Run this once on your 5v Arduino Nano. Reset your Nano after the code runs to ensure it uses your PC's time to initially set the RTC.


How do I test the RTC?

Z80 assembly file: Load and run it at $4000 after you have set your SIF board base I/O address to 0x10.


I see the schematics. Where is the Bill of Materials parts list?

Here is a link to Adafruit's DS1307 RTC Breakout Board that you can attach to the prototyping area of your Nano SIF board.















Note: M62 Bus is copyrighted by Peter Murray of Murray Electronics,