Z80 Resources

Zilog Z80 documentation: look under Microcontrollers | Classic Products |  Z80


Wikipedia.org: Zilog Z80 CPU


Wikipedia.org: Z80 Pinout (DIL)


Zilog: Z80 User Manual, Z80 Product Spec, Z80 Peripherals documents


Z-80 Microcomputer Design Projects by William Barden Jr.


Z80 Instruction Set:

 - Z80 CPU Instant Reference Card

 - Z80 Heaven

 - Reduced Instruction Set card

 - Z80 Instruction Set

 - ZINT Z80 Interpreter

 - Undocumented Z80


CP/M Archive


How to Program the Z80, 3rd Edition by Rodnay Zaks


Z80 Memory Interfacing


The Z80 Microprocessor: Architecture, Interfacing, Programming, and Design


Thomas Scherrer's Z80.info website

Z80 Assembler, Compilers, IDEs

Z80 Assemblers

TASM v3.2 Download and User's Manual by Thomas N. Anderson 

 - The original program has been downloaded and expanded

 - An .asm file has been included

 - A batch file has been added to simply assembly

 - The User's Manual is included

 Directions: download and expand the .zip file anywhere, then run the .bat file. A .lst listing file will be created that contains both the source code and machine code. A .obj file will be created that you can provide to your EEPROM burner to test NOPs on your Z80 build


Z80 Compiler

Z80 Development Studio, zDevStudio available at SourceForge

 - Assemble your code for syntactical correctness, then compile into an .exe or .hex file

Programming in Z80 Assembly Language

Z80 Instruction Set - very handy!


Z80 Assembly Language Programming by Lance A. Leventhal


Learn to program in Z80 Assembly Language using the ZX81 Spin Emulator

 - Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV 


z88dk C Compiler for Z80

z88dk and Embedded_Z80


MicroChip HiTech C Compiler download




Are you designing your own Z80 bus for a multi-board system? You'll need the pinouts of the Z80 family

Chip Pinouts:





8255 PPI

16550 UART


SST39SF010A FlashROM


OshonSoft Z80 IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

OshonSoft Overview

You write the assembly code and you need to test it but you don't have the platform to test it on: try a simulator.

If the simulator provides terminal-type input and display as well as monitoring 4 different output addresses (think 8255, 16550, etc.), you're well ahead.

Z80 Simulator IDE main features: 
- Simulation interface showing internal processor architecture with interrupts interface
- Three memory editors for external 64K memory, to simultaneously view/edit three different memory ranges during the simulation (monitor the stack, variables, as well as your code, all in different memory editors)
- I/O ports editor and peripheral devices interface for simulation of I/O instructions 
- Variable simulation rate, simulation statistics and simulation logging with log viewer
- Breakpoints manager for code debugging with breakpoints support
- Z80 assembler, interactive assembler editor for beginners, Z80 disassembler 
- Interface for TASM Z80 assembler 
- Z80 Basic compiler with smart Basic source editor
- IEEE754 single precision floating point numbers conversion tool
- Support for external simulation modules
- Extensive program options, color themes...

OshonSoft Z80 IDE

OshonSoft graphical Z80 Assembler, Editor, Hex Editor, and Simulator w/ Breakpoints!

 - 30-hour trial

 - User's manual

 - .asm demo files


Make sure that if you're using someone else's text editor (like TASM or PN) to code instead of the one built into OshonSoft, you have it configured for Windows type of End-of-line character, i.e. CR/LF, not LF for Linux or whatever.

LF without CR can cause OshonSoft to become confused and not assemble your code. What's the fix if you insist on using your own editor? Highlight all of your text code in your editor (or Notepad++) and change the EOL to Windows (CR/LF).


Z80 Micro-Professor Kit

Z80 Microprocessor Kit

 - Available directly from http://www.kswichit.net or on eBay.com

 - Based on the highly successful Micro-Professor MPF-1 and the kit.

 - MPF-1 Schematic

 - MPF-1 User Manual

I bought one and used it for a little while. You need to know the machine language code of "3E 01" for instruction "LD A,1" before entering it manually. Personally, I'd rather spend the time coding "LD A,1" into an IDE/Assembler and letting it convert the program into machine language rather than having to do a lookup for every instruction. So...it's a great learner system but is limited by today's standards.

The monitor software features:

 - MPF-1 compatible monitor commands and utility subroutines.

 - Upload/download Intel Hex file via RS232 port instead of just manual entry via custom keyboard.


Programming Lab Book contains 12 different labs.

Training Kit Schematic.


Kit is made in Thailand. Delivery options are available.


Z80MC website

 - Membership card

 - Front Panel card

 - Serial/RAM/SD card

 - Z80MC Operating Manual

I bought this little beauty with a 3D-printed case and am trying it out. The manual is printed on a special paper that harkens back to the Z80 era - nice touch!

Three-card deck fits in an Altoids tin; 3D printer file available for its case. Yep, it's a pocket computer!

The Monitor is fully functional from either keypad/LED or serial terminal.

 - ZMC monitor remains active even while your program is executing.

Supports Monitor, BASIC, and CP/M.

 - CP/M reads/writes to disk image files on the SD-card.

Self-assembly and soldering is required.

 - Vendor assembly service may be available.


RC2014 Pro on Tindie website

 - Z80 CPU module

 - Pageable ROM module

 - 64KB RAM module

 - Dual Serial SIO/2 module

 - Compact Flash storage module

 - Dual clock module

 - 12-slot Backplane Pro module

 - Available: Twin Joystick module, Digital I/O module, Pi Serial module

Z80 12-slot backplane system

 - Pro system contains 6 boards needed to run CP/M, and you can add other inexpensive expansion modules

 - Pi Zero serial terminal interface available to connect system to an HDMI monitor (composite video) and USB keyboard

 - Available in Classic, Plus, and Mini configurations


Supports Microsoft BASIC,CP/Mv2.2, assembler

Documentation online

 - Full assembly guides with schematics

 - Self-assembly and soldering is required

Specialty Stuff Sound Chips Other Zilog Family Members

Eagle library for single 2KBx8 memory chip, MK4118N

Programming the AY-3-8910 sound chip

Wikipedia.org: Zilog Z8 MCU

Z8 Super8 ROMless MCU Product Spec

Z8 Super 8 Diskette (zipped)

Tools In-Circuit Emulators Miscellaneous

Murray Electronics and 39k.ca have setup info for these 3 items:

 - Programmer's Notepad for coding

 - TASM Z80 Assembler

 - XVI32 Hex Editor


Design and simulate digital logic circuits with Logic Circuit


Open Bench Logic Sniffer (Logic Analyzer)


Serial Terminal: Tera Term v4.99


TI Basic for Texas Instruments Z80-based graphing calculators


DOSBOX emulator for Windows without DOS (Win7,8,10)


IC datasheet locator


ICE-T80 for Z80 or other CPUs Why you should not let your unused IC inputs float

What is "open drain"?