M62-bus SIO/2 Dual UART Board

PCB Circuit (click to enlarge) LCD Board Info

Eagle CAD: 1. SIO/2 Dual UART Circuit


Eagle CAD: 2. Addressing Circuitry


Eagle CAD: 3. M62-bus Male Edge Connector


Eagle CAD: 4. A Possible PCB Layout


PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell production boards. If you would like to buy an M62 Z80 system board/parts kit, contact Peter Murray, Peter@39k.ca

I simply provide you with information to build your own breadboard computer.


This board has the same design I used in the ZB74-bus section with the exception that it uses the M62-bus instead, so you had might as well navigate there rather than my duplicate the verbiage here.





































Note: M62 Bus is copyrighted by Peter Murray of Murray Electronics, http://www.39k.ca



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