ZB74-bus  SIO/2  Serial  Board  *Index*

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ZB74-bus  SIO/2  Dual UART Serial  Communication  Board

SIO/2 Info 1

Asynchronous communication
SIO/2 Info 2 Write and Read registers
SIO/2 Info 3 Much needed reference docs
Polling Program 1 Polling Mode Assembly code: environment constants
Polling Program 2 Assembly code: write registers configuration
Polling Program 3 Assembly code: receive & transmit
Polling Code Complete assembly code to download for boot ROM: SIO_Polled_02a.zip
Interrupts SIO/2-to-CPU Interrupt types and modes
Interrupt Program 1 Interrupt Mode assembly code: single interrupt demo
Interrupt Program 2 Assembly code:  multiple interrupts demo

Interrupt Program 3

Assembly code: environment constants

Interrupt Program 4

Assembly code: general interrupt vectors and the SIO/2 Interrupt Vector Table (IVT)

Interrupt Program 5

Assembly code: write registers configuration

Interrupt Program 6

Assembly code: interrupt service routines
Single Interrupt Code Single Interrupt demo code for boot ROM: SIO_Interrupt_06_ChA.zip
Multiple Interrupts Code Multiple Interrupt demo code for boot ROM: SIO_Interrupt_08a_ChA.zip
Other Interrupts Other examples of  IM2 interrupts



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